Eating Disorders

There are various types of eating disorders.All the disorders vary on the causes and effects, but all cause an adverse effect on an individual’s health.These eating disorders are defined as series of abnormal or irregular eating that involve either insufficient or excessive intake of food.The disorders result in an individual’s physique, emotions and psychology being affected.

People suffering from eating disorders are usually in denial or unaware of it. The problem usuallyfsfscfscxsf revolves about self-image and on how the person perceives a problem. Identifying the kind of eating disorder can aid in better understanding the measures needed to resolve it since they are classified as medical illnesses that require medical treatments.The disorders, if not addressed promptly, can have detrimental consequences.Here are three major types of common eating disorders:

1.Anorexia Nervosa

Individuals suffering from the condition are always afraid of gaining weight.They always believe that they are overweight, when indeed, they are underweight.Therefore, they eat very little food.Being anorexic is detrimental and could cause multiple -organ failures, infertility, brain damage, bone loss, or even heart problems.People suffering from this condition are at a high risk of death.

2.Bulimia Nervosa

People with this condition eat large amounts of food or binge eat and later compensate for it by forcing themselves to vomit.They also excise excessively or take large amounts of laxatives or diuretics.They are usually unhappy with their weight and body appearance and fear gaining weight also.The binge eating is done in secret and results in a feeling of guilt, shame and out-of -control.The effects of this condition are acute dehydration, gastrointestinal problems, electrolyte imbalance which may cause heart difficulties.

3.Binge Eating Disorders

fxcfxfxcxfPeople with this disorder tend to be out-of-control in eating but don’t try to compensate for it like the ones with bulimia nervosa.These people tend to be obese and because of this excessive body weight; they are at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.Feelings or guilt, distress and embarrassment over their binge eating results in worsening of the disorder.

Causes Of The Eating Disorders

  • Biological factors: These are; abnormal hormonal functioning, nutritional deficiencies, and genetics
  • Psychological factors: self-esteem, negative body image.
  • Environmental factors: certain careers and occupations that necessitate being thin (modeling and ballet), aesthetically-oriented contests that require maintaining a lean body for improved performance (, wrestling, ballet, gymnastics, rowing, diving, etc.), dysfunctional family practices, traumas, stressful life changes a peer pressure are also environmental factors.

Diverse levels of treatment are accessible, anyone suffering from any of those eating disorders, should seek help immediately.Eat healthily and lose weight. You don’t have to go on a strict diet to attain a sexy figure.